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Dr. Rock SleepPad

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BianStone Far Infrared Warm Therapy SleepPad

  • Product name: Dr.Rock BianStone Far Infrared Warm Therapy SleepPad
  • Size: 70cm ×190cm
  • Weight: 7.05 KG
  • BianStones quantity: 6 rows of large size × 20 particles + 5 rows of small size × 20 particles = 220 particles
  • Therapy mode: cold therapy (indoor temperature is not heated), warm therapy, hot therapy
  • Temperature controller input voltage: 110V~220V/50Hz
  • SleepPad power: 190W max
  • SleepPad Current and Voltage: Graphene heating film is not conductive
  • Heating device: Graphene heating film
  • Temperature controller can adjust the number of stages: 1~60
  • Temperature controller can set timing: 1~12 hours
  • Heating temperature: about 20~42℃/up and down button adjustment
  • Accessories: soft leather, fireproof mesh, aluminum foil, double-layer felt cloth

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