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  • Smart Gadgets

    Discover the best smart home devices to automate your smart home for ultimate comfort and convenience

    Rack85 stocks a wide selection of smart home technologies, including motion sensors, Wi-Fi locks, security cameras, humidity sensors, cutting-edge smart light bulbs, water leak sensors, electronic toothbrushes, and more.

    Smart home solutions make your life easier and improve your home’s security. They are packed with functionality and features such as in-built apps, automatic settings, voice command, and mobile syncing capability, so you can monitor your smart home wherever you are.

    All of the smart devices we have bring a personalized smart living approach to homeowners. No matter whether you opt for smart lighting or smart sensors, we’ve got what you need for your smart home system.

    Are you ready for smart home automation? Shop high-quality smart home appliances at Rack85!

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    • Garmin Index S2

      $239.00 Incl GST
      Earn 239 Reward Points
    • Aqara Care Bundle

      $282.00 Incl GST
    • Garmin Approach® CT10

      $119.00$439.00 Incl GST
      Earn 439 Reward Points
    • Aqara M2 Hub *Global Version*

      $118.00 $94.40 Incl GST
    • AQARA G2H Camera Hub, Smart CCTV Camera

      $138.00 $110.40 Incl GST
    • Aqara Curtain Controller

      $218.00 $174.40 Incl GST
    • Aqara D1 Aqara Wall Switch (with neutral / without neutral) – Single, Double & Triple Rocker

      $38.40$54.40 Incl GST
      Earn 46.4 Reward Points
    • Zikko Smart Beam Laser NX Mini Projector

      $699.00 $349.00 Incl GST
    • Aqara Window and Door Sensor

      $26.00 $20.80 Incl GST
    • Aqara Motion Sensor

      $32.00 $25.60 Incl GST
    • AQARA Cube

      $28.00 $22.40 Incl GST
    • AQARA LED Light Bulb

      $30.00 $24.00 Incl GST
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