Why This Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is Dominating Local And International Markets

16 June 2021
Yeedi 2 article

Do you want to come home to a clean house all the after work but don’t have the time and energy to be always sweeping and mopping the floor? Does your back hurt from sweeping and mopping the floor?

A robotic vacuum cleaner might be your solution to all these problems. Lets dive into my review of the Yeedi 2.

Introducing Yeedi

Yeedi is the sister company of well-known robotic vacuum brand Ecovacs. This relatively unknown company has dipped its toes in the budget robot vacuum market.

You can view the full range of Yeedi products here.

In this review, I put the Yeedi 2 Hybrid to the test, making it navigate its way through my flat, wiping down whatever dirt it detects.

Unboxing & Setup

The box contains the Yeedi 2, two side brushes for the vacuum cleaner (each brush has a different colour, just match it to the correct colour hole), a dust tank, a water tank, a reusable mop, a few disposable mops and a docking station.

Setting up the Yeedi 2 is very simple, just lift the hood to have a look at the thin quick start guide, then follow the instructions accordingly.

This includes setting up the charging station and downloading the app. You will also need to press a hardware switch on the Yeedi 2 Hybrid itself to get things going.

The connection between the robot vacuum, smartphone, and home Wi-Fi network is quickly established via a QR code. Just key in your Wifi password when prompted and you’ll be connected!

Yeedi App: Intuitive and Well-Designed

You can download the Yeedi app for free, for both iOS and Andriod platforms. After installation, you will need to create an account, which makes switching to a new device afterward a rather convenient affair.

This is because the Yeedi app saves the setup configuration of its robotic vacuum cleaner, of which you can also include your floor plan whenever you switch. Yeedi 2 Hybrid Screenshot Android NextPIt

© Yeedi / Screenshot: NextPit

In the main menu, all connected robotic vacuum cleaners will be displayed. By tapping on the selected model, you can see the map of your home and the basic controls.

With the feature rich Yeedi app, you can command the robot to start cleaning, adjust the robot’s suction power, and even find out the conditions of the brushes and filters.

The app will show you when the filters and brushes have been worn out, so you can replace them.

Within the app, you can also schedule cleaning time, so you can return home to clean floors everyday!

Technology: What The Yeedi 2 Offers

The Yeedi 2 is not only a robotic vacuum cleaner, but it also comes with a mopping function, that is able to vacuum and mop at the same time.

Yeedi Robot Mop clean up

This dual-capability makes it practical for users with tiles or parquet floors, which most Singaporean households use.

Since Yeedi and Ecovacs are closely related, Yeedi uses the same charging dock and brushes as Ecovacs, ensuring premium build quality.

Navigation: Camera & Bumper System

Although the Yeedi 2 comes with a built-in camera on the top of the robot, it does not use a laser navigation system to detect objects in its path.

Instead, it uses the bumper that occupies half the size of the robot. The robot will gently bump into objects in its path and will navigate to find another route.

NextPit Yeedi Vacuum Robot 2

The built-in camera on the top is to improve the precision of its navigation over time. This digital eye records rather useful maps of your home, making area cleaning or targeting specific dirty areas possible.

The robot will also get more familiar with the layout of your house the more it cleans.

Yeedi also has a cheaper Yeedi K650, which lacks the camera mapping feature.

Specifications: For your inner geek

Max. Suction power (On boost level) 2.500 Pascal
Dust container capacity 430ml
Water tank capacity 240ml
Loudness (manufacturer’s specification) 56 decibels
Maximum edge height 2 centimeters
Overall height 7.7 centimeters
Battery life with continuous cleaning 200 minutes

With noise being one of my biggest pet peevs, I put the sound level of the robot to the test. I used a volume measuring app on my phone and stood about 10cm away from the vacuum.

The app measured about 50.4 decibels in standard mode and 61.6 decibels when it is in full power!

I also did not find the volume of the annoying when it is running in the background, in fact it is so soft, I was able to talk in my zoom call in my room, while the robot was vacuuming in the living room.

For more detailed specifications about the product, visit the Yeedi 2 product page.

Cleaning: How Well Does It vacuum And Mop?

Like a sweeper, the rotating brushes on the side of the robot are supposed to get into the corners of the room and push dust towards the vacuum opening. This is great, since the sides of the rooms are not neglected.Yeedi 2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Sweeping Dust

The downside is that dirt that is especially light, such as oat flakes, flew all over the place. However, as the Yeedi 2 Hybrid gradually swept up every spot in my living room, it cleaned up the mess that it has flung all over the place.Yeedi 2 Robotic Cleaner

On carpet, the performance of the Yeedi 2 was satisfactory, but not as good. I have scattered Oatmeal, Coffee Powder, Flour, Chip Crumbs and Rice.

It was able to pick up most of the dirt, except for the finer grains of coffee powder, where it did not fare too well.

Yeedi Hybrid Carpet NextPit

At the bottom of this smart home device lies a mop that is moistened with water from the water tank via a pump mechanism.2020 NEWEST Wet And Dry WIFI APP Robot Vacuum Cleaner Camera Monitor,Map Navigation,Smart Memory,Video Call,350ML Water Tank|Vacuum Cleaners| - AliExpress

As it moves across the floor, the mop is being dragged across the floor, leaving behind a trail of water, like a snail.

The only flaw in this system is that some tight edges might be missed since the mop is slightly narrower than the body of the robot.

Yeedi 2 Mop

With that being said, the robot partially returns to the previous strip, this avoids leaving behind trails of water. The mopping was definitely effective as can be seen from the dirty underside of my mop. My floors also felt cleaner and less sticky as compared to before.

However, as much as the Yeedi 2 is effective for day to day mopping, it lacks a scrubbing function. Tough stains or spills on the floor might still require some manual cleaning and mopping up.

Additional Plus Points Of The Yeedi 2

  • Battery life of 200 minutes in active cleaning mode is realistic and good for at least 2 uses
  • It is able to climb 2cm, which is enough to go over carpets on the floor
  • The brush, water container, and dust container can be removed very easily via small sliders
  • The containers are also of sufficient capacity and is comparable to most expensive robot cleaners out there
  • Price: At this price point, it is difficult to find a robotic vacuum cleaner and mop, with mapping function as well as app control. Sometimes, the Yeedi 2 will go on sale on Lazada! So be sure to always check their Lazada page for the best deals!

A Summary

– Good, Strong Suction
– Quiet
– Easy to use, intuitive app
– Saves a lot of time for everyday dirt

– Mopping functions does not work for for tough stains
– No laser navigation system
– Not as good cleaning carpets

Our Conclusion: Great Performance At An Even Better Price Point

What I learned form using the Yeedi 2 was that, not all robotic vacuum cleaners have to be expensive to be good. At this price point, the Yeedi 2 is the best bang for your buck robotic vacuum cleaner.

Despite being a new brand in Singapore, Yeedi has already established dominance overseas and has over a few thousand 5 star reviews on Amazon. Yeedi has also nailed the basics of having a user friendly robot and app, at a user friendly price point.

Yeedi is always running promotions on Lazada and their price might have some variations based on the Lazada Campaigns during the month.

*This article was collaboratively written with Yeedi. It had no bearing or influence on our review and editorial content.