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  • , The True Wireless Earbuds: Most Suitable for Your Personality and Lifestyle

    The True Wireless Earbuds: Most Suitable for Your Personality and Lifestyle

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    The way we listen to music has definitely evolved throughout the decades. From bulky and heavy boom boxes, the devices we can use has become smaller and smaller as evident with the headphones and wired earplugs. Nowadays, we have a wide array of options when it comes to true wireless earbuds which are truly convenient to use.

    Researching on which wireless earbuds to get may be exhausting and time consuming. At Rack85, we are here to help you skip that tedious process by comparing various true wireless earbuds from different brands and identifying the best one that will suit your personality and lifestyle.

    For the General Audiophile

    , The True Wireless Earbuds: Most Suitable for Your Personality and Lifestyle

    For those who simply want to listen to good music regardless of genre, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless (approximately SGD469) is the one to have.  It provides the best sounding experience from among other true wireless earbuds in the market these days based on various consumer reviews. Listening to energetic workout music, you can definitely enjoy the brawny, smooth bass. On the other hand, listening to instrumentals or acoustic songs will give you a whistle-clean treble and ruddy, rich midrange. With its aptX and Bluetooth 5.0 technologies, the Momentum can definitely ensure reliable wireless transmission, eliminating dropouts and lag. The built-in microphone can be toggled into a transparent mode so you can also listen to your surroundings for safety purposes. For many individuals, this device may be pricey, but with the superb music listening experience you’ll get, the price is definitely justified.

    Jabra Elite 65t

    Jabra Elite 65t

    A more affordable option would be the Jabra Elite 65t (retailing at SGD$268) which allows you to customise your music experience through the Jabra Sound+ App. Jabra has reinvented a set of true wireless earbuds, incorporating its knowledge about usage, comfort and design from the first true wireless innovation. It is built to ensure a stable wireless connection and to deliver the best call and command (voice) quality. The innovative four microphone solution combined with an optimised acoustic chamber enables advanced noise suppression and voice enhancement for every type of environment. Thus, the Jabra Elite 65t has a distinct focus on the voice experience, delivering superior audio quality for calls and music without wires.

    The Sony WF-1000XM3 is a newer version of the WF-1000X, packed with DSEE HX sound processing for superb music experience and a battery that lasts up to 8 hours per charge or up to 32 hours with case. Equipped with HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1e, it boasts of an industry-leading noise cancelling technology that adjusts to your environment so you can truly enjoy your music. Moreover, the Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control actively senses your current activity in order to adjust to the appropriate ambient sound settings. Whether you’re walking on a busy street or a in a silent office, you can be sure that you’re still aware of your surroundings while listening to your music. To further enjoy your music, the WF-1000XM3 equalizer comes with customisable presets to help you create the most perfect tone for your favourite songs.

    Air by CrazyBaby (Nano)

    Air by CrazyBaby (Nano)

    You’ll also want the unique, stylish designs available for the Air by Crazybaby (Nano) (approximately SGD218), with 10 vibrant colours to choose from. These earbuds offer superior acoustics, allowing you to listen to your favourite instrumental music with crystal-clear listening experience. CrazyBaby also boasts of stabilized connectivity in the Air, thanks to the PIFA (Planar Inverted F-shaped Antenna) technology that increases bandwidth and boosts signal reception.

    If your budget is too tight, then an even cheaper alternative is the 1More Stylish (approximately SGD140). It’s actually great value for your money considering that it produces great sound, thanks to the included aptX codec. Design-wise, the Stylish is super comfortable to wear and the connectivity of the buds remains reliable wherever you go.

    Other options

    • Master & Dynamic MW07 provides excellent sound quality, but it’s too pricey when considering its features e.g. connectivity is only average.
    • Beoplay E8 also offers a good listening experience, but there are difficulties in terms of pairing, connectivity, and comfort.
    • Optoma NuForce BE Free5 is considered the best true wireless buds under SGD167 (GBP100).

    For the iOS Fanatics

    , The True Wireless Earbuds: Most Suitable for Your Personality and Lifestyle

    Despite the limiting and proprietary features that Apple adds into its phones, there are still many people who patronise the brand. If you’re one of them, your first choice for true wireless earbuds is definitely the Apple AirPods (approximately SGD239). Pairing is quick and easy, and connectivity is reliable. A pair of these golf-tee-looking earbuds instantly connects to your iPhone, unlike other brands that will require manual settings before you can use them. You also have instant access to Siri by just double-tapping the earbuds. Although the listening time per charge is only 5 hours (24 hours with the case), you can save on battery when listening with only one earbud while the other is recharging. In terms of music, AirPods offers better sounds than their wired counterparts (EarPods), but still, they’re not exactly audiophile material because music tends to get smoothed down.

    Other options:

    • Beats Powerbeats Pro is a good option if you want to get away from the golf-tee design of the AirPods. This is designed not only for a superb bass experience but also for instant pairing with iPhones and for Siri activation.
    • Jabra Elite 65t also offers one-touch access to Siri.

    For the Android Users

    , The True Wireless Earbuds: Most Suitable for Your Personality and Lifestyle

    While any wireless buds with Bluetooth technology can work with Android phones, the Samsung Galaxy Buds retailing at $238 is considered to be the best option for Android for various reasons. For Samsung Galaxy phone users, the buds offer instant pairing with your device.

    Galaxy Buds are the ultimate cord-free earbuds for those who want a seamlessly connected experience on the go. With their truly comfortable form factor, easy controls, clear and smart sound, and compact size they are an everyday in-ear lifestyle companion.  The Galaxy Buds offer a supreme listening experience, with sound by AKG. Enhanced Ambient Sound allows you to hear your surroundings clearly even while the buds are in your ears, so you can remain aware of your environment at the same time as you take a phone call or listen to your favourite tunes. Premium sound extends to the sound of your voice, as well. The Adaptive Dual Microphone uses one inner microphone and one outer microphone in each earbud, so you can deliver your voice clearly in both loud and quiet environments. It can keep up with you all day, with up to six hours of Bluetooth streaming, and up to five hours of calls. Plus, their compact case holds a charge for up to seven hours,4 and gives the Galaxy Buds 1.7 hours on a 15-minute quick charge.  With wireless charging and device-to-device power sharing, you can also get a quick charging boost on the go from Galaxy S10 which is the latest Samsung smartphone. Also, Galaxy Buds integrate with Bixby on the latest Galaxy mobile devices, so you can activate your intelligent assistant quickly without ever picking up your phone. Simply use your voice to make calls, send text messages or check the battery life of your earbuds.

    Other options

    • Jabra Elite 65t has one-touch access to Google Now
    • Beats Powerbeats Pro provides instant pairing with Android phones, but can’t be used to access Google Assistant

    For the Fitness Enthusiasts

    , The True Wireless Earbuds: Most Suitable for Your Personality and Lifestyle

    When it comes to using earbuds for fitness activities both indoor and outdoor, there are several factors to consider. For one, you’ll have to look for a pair with a waterproofing rating of at least IPX2, which means that the earpieces can survive a relatively “moderate” amount of sweat (e.g. when running).  Also, you’ll want something that can securely fit into your ears to avoid accidentally dropping them while exercising. Aside from that, you’ll also need one with good connectivity to avoid getting distracted with constant lag or pauses on your music while doing your workout routines.

    The Jabra Elite Active 65t (retailing at SGD$298) is aimed at those who want the features of the Elite 65t, but whose priority is being able to use the earbuds in an active environment. The earbuds are fully enhanced for sports use with a more secure fit, through special coating, integrated accelerometer for tracking features in the Jabra app and IP56 sweat, water and dust certification. The Elite Active 65t has five hours of listening time on one charge and two-year warranty against sweat and dust. Their capability to produce good bass makes them even more suitable for workout activities.

    Other options

    • JBL Free (IPX5) offers two gel sleeve sizes and three ear tip sizes to ensure that the earbuds will stay securely and fit comfortably in your ears as you exercise. A single intuitive button is all you need to manage your calls and music, too. Handling hands-free calls is also a breeze, thanks to the integrated microphone and the automatic stereo-mono mode switching.
    • Jaybird Run XT (IPX7), as the name suggest, is basically made for running. In fact, it is the core of what Jaybird does as a company; thus, you can be sure that the Run XT can endure the worst workout and weather conditions. These earbuds also provide premium sound quality and customisable EQ.
    • Bose SoundSport Free (IPX4) boasts of unshakeable connectivity, incredible comfort, and awesome musical experience. However, they’re vulnerable to wind interference, and thus, not ideal for outdoor running or cycling.
    • Optoma NuForce BE Free5 (IPX5) is a great value pair of earbuds for the budget-conscious gym enthusiast.
    • Samsung Galaxy Buds (IPX2) comes with ergonomic, compact design and built-in earfins as well as three sets of silicone eartips for a secured fit. Connectivity is excellent, too, as discussed earlier.

    For the Business Executives

    , The True Wireless Earbuds: Most Suitable for Your Personality and Lifestyle

    True wireless earbuds are definitely not just for music listening experience. Buds with convenient controls, productivity features, and excellent call clarity are a must-have for busy, savvy executives. Of course, a stylish design that complements a business suit is a bonus feature.

    The Sudio Tolv true wireless headphones come with a simple design yet exude a classy, elegant appeal. These in-ear buds come in pink, white, blue and black, all of which feature the grey logo and a striking bronze button on each piece. The Sudio Tolv is compatible with the voice assistants Siri and Google Assistant, and thus, perfect for busy executives. The earbuds have a range of 15 meters using Bluetooth 5.0. They can also run up to 7 hours, which is totally impressive compared to other devices. With the charging case, you can enjoy the earbuds for up to 35 hours.

    The Apple AirPods is also perfect for the busy executives, as these devices automatically turn on and connect not just with your iPhone but with your iPad, Mac and Apple Watch as well. The Apple H1 headphone chip built in the AirPods makes wireless connections more stable and faster than ever especially when switching devices or answering calls. The device also has motion and speech-detecting accelerometers as well as optical sensors, which turn on the music when sensing that the AirPods are in your ears and engage the microphone when there’s an incoming phone call. Charging the AirPods is easy since you only have to place the wireless case on a Qi-compatible charging mat. The regular lightning port can be used as well.

    One of the most stylish buds in this category is the Klipsch T5 True Wireless. Aside from the fantastic audio experience with this pair as discussed earlier, the design shines with the brand’s iconic art-deco logo and copper details while they fit snugly in the middle of your ears.  Moreover, the case looks like the metallic Zippo lighter with ergonomically curved corners, and thus, looks premium in the hands or on the desk. Practicality-wise, the earbuds can be used independently, which is perfect when you need to pull up your voice assistant. The buds also feature built-in controls for track control, volume, and play/pause. Call clarity is also excellent, thanks to the four microphones.

    The Sony Xperia Ear Duo (approximately SGD381), based on consumer reviews, is designed with productivity in mind rather than music listening. The buds allow ambient sound for situational awareness but sacrifices music quality. It features two personal assistants (Google Assistant and Sony’s proprietary AI) that help handle schedules and messages, some of which can be sorted by shaking your head.

    Other options

    • The Samsung Galaxy Buds feature two onboard microphones that intuitively adjust so you can respond to calls with clarity regardless of whether you’re in a quiet or loud environment. The intuitive buds also fine-tune to allow you to hear other people near you or talking to you while still listening to your music.
    • Aside from the quality audio and connectivity features we discussed about the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless, the earbuds also boast of impressive sleek simplicity with the brand’s iconic silver logo on the end caps. The pill-shaped case also exudes a premium look with its grey thread cover.
    • The Beats Powerbeats Pro will look like an elegant, compact clip on your ear that’s both elegant and less obtrusive.
    • RHA TrueConnect enables full device and digital assistant control through microphone and touch.
    • CrazyBaby Air is made with precision engineering for an ultra-compact design. It comes in 10 vibrant colours. Voice assistant activation and call answering are done with the left earbud.

    For those who prefer Long Battery Life

    , The True Wireless Earbuds: Most Suitable for Your Personality and Lifestyle

    One problem with any true wireless buds is that their battery life is generally poor. But with the cases these buds come in with, the earpieces can extend their battery life before you will need a power outlet to recharge the batteries. Below are some of the battery-related details of the earbuds in this article.

    Earbuds Listening time
    per charge
    Listening time
    with case
    Jlab Epic Air Sport 10 70
    Beats Powerbeats Pro 9 27
    Sony WF-1000XM3 8 32 With noise cancelling turned on: 6 hours listening time and 24 hrs with case;
    Quick charge provides 90 minutes of playback in just 10 minutes
    Klipsch T5 True Wireless 8 24
    Sudio Tolv 7 35
    1More Stylish 6.5 26
    Samsung Galaxy Buds 6 13 The case can wirelessly charge at the back of Galaxy phones or standard wireless charging pads
    Jabra Elite Active 65t 5 15 Rapid Charging: Provides up to 1.5 hours of battery life in 15 minutes
    Jabra Elite 65t 5 15 Rapid Charging: Provides up to 1.5 hours of battery life in 15 minutes
    Apple AirPods 5 24 Wireless charging available;
    Earbuds can be recharged separately
    RHA TrueConnect 5 20 Quick charging: earpieces can get 50% battery in just 15 minutes
    Bose SoundSport Free 5 15
    JBL Free 4 24 Quick charging: 15-minute charging will give 1-hour playback
    Optoma NuForce BE Free5 4 16
    Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4 12
    Jaybird Run XT 4 12
    Beoplay E8 4 12 Consumer reviews claim that listening time is only 2-3 hours
    Sony Xperia Ear Duo 4 12
    Master & Dynamic MW07 3.5 14 Consumer reviews claim that listening time is only 2 hours
    Crazybaby Air (Nano) 3 12 Quick charging provides 1.5 hours listening time in only 5 minutes


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