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    9 ways to save money on Special Occasions

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    Nothing feels quite as good as giving someone a carefully chosen gift you know they will absolutely love. Occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas and people’s birthdays give us an occasion to treat them and make their day with a thoughtful present. The only issue? These special occasions come back very often, and it’s easy to feel like all of your money is going toward them! In this article, we will be exploring 9 creative ways to spend less money on special occasions—while still making a great impression!

    , 9 ways to save money on Special Occasions

    1) Plan your gifts ahead of time

    Shopping online is one of the best ways to find great deals for your loved ones. Online stores have thousands of available listings that you can browse through at your own pace. Once you’ve chosen a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or Christmas…why not wait a little bit before you get it?

    The smartest online shoppers save items in their cart, and only pay for them when those items go on promotion. You can expect online retailers to extend exclusive offers on certain dates, for example Singles’ Day (11 November) which has become a phenomenal 24-hour online shopping event.

    Or why not buy your gifts for the same occasion, the following year? Every year, the same thing happens: Christmas items go on sale right after Christmas, Valentine’s Day items just after Valentine’s Day and etc. One of the best saving tips that we can offer you is to take full advantage of this, and do your shopping way ahead of time.

    Of course, using this technique means that you will have to plan ahead a little, and not be short on time. But once you get into that habit, you will find great satisfaction from the money saved while avoiding impulse buying or last-minute shopping.


    2) Enjoy insurance perks from the AIA Vitality Program

    By signing up for programs like AIA Vitality, you can get some highly beneficial rewards that can help you treat your friends and family on special occasions. This insurance program works by giving you an incentive to be more active, and healthier. The more you practice “healthy habits” like exercising or going on regular visits to your doctor’s, the more insurance perks you can get.

    Of course, it’s tempting to keep those great perks all to yourself. But you could also save them up to offer to your significant other on Valentine’s day, or for any other special occasion. It’s a great way to make sure that you’re working toward better health—while saving a whole lot of money!

    , 9 ways to save money on Special Occasions

    3) Shop at online outlet stores

    Online shopping is one of the best ways to find thoughtful gifts at a reasonable price. Stores only have sales and promotional discounts once in a while, but online retailers have them all the time. For example, check out the clearance section of Rack85. It’s a great way to find huge discounts on anything from luxury items to electronics, and more!

    With Rack85, you can even become a member for extra perks. When you sign up for that system, you will gain points whenever you spend any money at Rack85. Over time, these points can be exchanged for vouchers—helping you save even more money on all sorts of presents!

    And these products are not just basic presents either. You will be able to find truly sensational gadgets. For example, why not have a look at these Samsung phone covers which can be up to 90% off or these luxurious UB speakers you can save 40% on. Rack85 has gifts in all sorts of categories, from technology to accessories. You will also find items like a Targus bag and enjoy up to 60% discount.

    , 9 ways to save money on Special Occasions

    4) Make your own gifts

    Do you know what is the most thoughtful way to impress someone with a present? Make it yourself! Whether you make a simple card or knit a scarf, it’s really the thought that counts. And for occasions like Christmas where you are expected to give presents, why not prepare homemade presents in bulk?

    For example, you could make homemade soaps for everyone in your family, make your own jewellery for the women or write them all a little poem. What you do doesn’t have to be big; you just need to make sure that it comes from the heart!

    This is one of the gift ideas that is the cheapest, but also the one that leaves the longest-lasting impression. Win-win!

    , 9 ways to save money on Special Occasions

    5) Use promotions to get cheaper reservations at restaurants

    Sometimes, being treated to a great restaurant meal is even better than receiving a gift. After all, everyone loves eating good food with their loved one! Therefore, if you can’t think of a physical present to give to friends, family or your significant other, why not get them a restaurant reservation?

    There are many different ways that you can get discounts on restaurant meals. The first one is to get a restaurant promotion with your credit card. This is very simple, and you just need to keep watching out for when you can enjoy these benefits.

    You can also get a set meal promotion in many different restaurants. These give you an opportunity to spend less on a restaurant meal if you’re willing to sacrifice the luxury of choice. In restaurants where every item is delicious, this option is definitely worthwhile!

    Finally, why not try to look for 1-for-1 deals in your area? Different restaurants offer different 1-for-1 deals, and you will have to find the one that works best for you. But if you don’t mind taking the time to find these deals, then they can be the perfect way to secure a great date in a fancy restaurant for a very advantageous price.

    , 9 ways to save money on Special Occasions

    6) Buy presents in bulk

    When buying presents for a large family or for the birthdays of your children’s friends, it’s okay to buy in bulk. Often, you will be able to get better deals if you’re shopping for gifts like scented candles or decorative plates in bulk, rather than individual purchases. You could even buy them when they’re on offer, and keep them in storage until a special occasion presents itself.

    This tip might sound a bit cynical, but think about it: there are some gifts that everyone is bound to enjoy. When you find that kind of gift, why not buy a few at a time? This ensures that you will always have a backup present ready while saving as much money as you can on shopping.


    7) Shop for presents in other countries

    This is one of our most unusual saving tips, but it can really save you a lot of money shopping. If you frequently go to foreign countries for work or just on holiday, why not take the time to buy a few presents while you’re there.

    People love nothing more than to hear “I thought about you while I was away, and I got you this”. It doesn’t matter what the present is, the fact that you brought it back from a foreign land gives it a lot more value.

    And the chances are some of the countries that you’re visiting are cheaper than home, which means you can find presents there that are not just thoughtful, but also give you much better value for money.

    , 9 ways to save money on Special Occasions

    8) Invite someone to a home-cooked dinner

    One of our favourite gift ideas is to invite someone to a home-cooked dinner. It’s thoughtful and a great way to spend some quality time with a loved one, and it allows you to prepare a great-tasting dinner for a fraction of the price of a restaurant.

    Hence, next time you’re shopping for a special occasion and you can’t find anything the other person would like that fits in your budget, buy them a card. Write some sweet words in it and add: this is a voucher for a home-cooked dinner just for you, redeemable whenever you want. This romantic gesture can really impress people, which is why it’s one of our favourite gift ideas of all time.

    Of course, it will require you to be able to cook at least a little—and it might even be a great occasion for you to practice a new recipe.

    , 9 ways to save money on Special Occasions

    9) Look for discounted cinema or music tickets

    People love being treated to experiences, not things. A ticket to the cinema, to a play or to an opera makes a big impression. Hence, why not check in with your local theatres and concert venues? Often, they will have some good discounts on certain dates or times. When the person that you are giving the ticket to receives your gift, they are unlikely to guess that you got them at a discounted rate. All that they will be able to see is a thoughtful present and a great experience ahead!

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