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Targus 15″ Newport Backpack

$139.00 Incl GST

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The Targus® Newport Backpack is made for those seeking a reliable yet fashionable travelling and work companion. Designed to be the perfect fit for a 15” MacBook Pro or a 12.9” iPad Pro while leaving ample space for clothing pieces, the backpack also contains dedicate slim storage for travel essentials and everyday accessories. To accommodate different carrying preferences, adjustable padded shoulder straps and a top handle have also been added for extra convenience in day-to-day commuting or no-frills short getaways. On top of the easily accessible front zippered pockets, the Newport Backpack also includes hidden pockets to safekeep important and private articles. For greater ease of mind and greater pleasure for the senses, the high-density water-repellent twill nylon and a leather touch polyurethane have been weaved together to form a highly durable protective layer with an arresting luxurious sheen. For a tasteful touch of opulence, the Newport Backpack is decorated with premium metallic hard trims and Targus® brand badging to set against the more serious tones of the backpack’s bold silhouette. The inner lining of the bag also features a more playful hip mid-century hue with morphed geometrics.


Dedicated protective cradle for 15” MacBook Pro or 12.9” iPad Pro

Extra space for clothes

Slim storage for different everyday accessories

Easily accessible front zippered pocket

Adjustable padded shoulder straps and top handle

Premium metallic hard trims add a touch of elegancy and style

High density water-repellent twill nylon and leather touch polyurethane

Hidden pockets for added security




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