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  • Sony XBA-Z5 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    $899.00 Incl GST

    High-Resolution Audio compatible
    Hybrid Driver system for deep bass and clear highs
    Aluminium-coated responsive Liquid Crystal Polymer driver for clarity
    Dual layer cord type, 1.2m length

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    Redefining acoustic possibilities

    High-Resolution Audio from hybrid driver ear-buds

    Crafted in Japan, our XBA-Z5s use high-quality components to redefine the acoustic possibilities of in-ear headphones. An aluminium-coated LCP driver ensures consistent, precise sound, while light magnesium super tweeters deliver greater clarity. Connect to the optional PHA-3 amp for an unmatched High-Resolution Audio experience.

    3-way hybrid driver system

    All-encompassing sound

    A 3-way hybrid driver system, featuring a 16mm LCP diaphragm, gives you rich, detailed sound across the entire frequency range.

    Ultra wide frequency range

    Go wider

    Hear deep lows and euphoric highs with a full range of sound up to 40kHz.

    107dB/mW high sensitivity

    Flexible compatibility

    These headphones are compatible with a wider range of devices – from MP3 players to stereo systems – thanks to a high sensitivity of 107dB/mW.

    Full-spectrum sound

    Rich bass, accurate mid-range, and crystal-clear highs – experience pristine sound across the entire frequency range with a 3-way hybrid driver system. A wide 3Hz–40kHz frequency range lets you listen to High-Resolution Audio files. The result is rich studio-quality sound that you can feel as well as hear.


    Crafted for consistency

    The driver’s 16mm responsive aluminium Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragm is engineered to deliver consistent resonance, even up into the high frequencies.

    Full Balanced Armature driver

    Full-bodied sound

    Hear soaring highs and rich mids with a full-range Balanced Armature driver. A linear-drive, T-shape design reduces sounds distortion for sharpness and clarity.

    Magnesium Super Tweeter

    Precision highs

    A Balanced Armature Super Tweeter delivers crystal-clear, detailed highs. Its magnesium diaphragm is quick to respond with reduced resonance.

    How drivers work

    Technology for every frequency

    A smooth response across the whole frequency range

    A full-range dynamic driver, Balanced Armature driver, and Balanced Armature Super Tweeter work together to create an accurate reproduction of the original recording.

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