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Puma Vortice

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Rise to a new level of sound quality by reaching for PUMA headphones for an exceptional audio experience. These headphones include a high-performance mic capable of conducting cellphone or Skype calls at work or at home.
They offer a comfortable, over-ear fit without sacrificing style or quality. You’ll notice the enhancement of your music, video soundtracks, and calls once you operate this headset for the first time.
Once you’ve used these headphones, you’ll find them to be a priority asset to your auditory accessories. The headphones have been inlaid with the PUMA cat logo for a fashionable touch. The silvery metal presents a distinctive, polished appearance that is visually appealing. The cushions boast extra padding to promote ease of wear over the ear for longer periods of listening. Whether you need to relax with some tunes or make a call to a coworker, reach for these headphones.
These PUMA Vortice headphones come with a sensitive microphone that is capable of picking up even quiet or mumbled voices. Those sounds are then translated into a foundation of high-quality audio. Whether you’re gaming with friends or calling family across the country, it will be a clear and crisp exchange. Make calls with seamless clarity using these headphones. When the responsibility of your calls is finished, enjoy the music of your choice.
Strong bass capability and easy-to-reach volume and play controls make these headphones an ideal option for leisurely listening after work. Attractive and effective, PUMA Vortice headphones work well for accomplishing work at your desk or for relaxing in your home. In addition to listening capabilities, the ready-to-use mic is conveniently built into the cable that comes with the device. The cable also sports an easily accessed button for pausing songs or for accepting and ending calls.
Connect this PUMA headphone set to whatever device you have, and prepare to be impressed with the results. These Vortice headphones by PUMA come with a durable, scratch-resistant case for easy portability and storage. When no longer needed, fold these headphones into the provided compact and convenient case. Place the cable inside the case, and your headphone set will be safe until the next time you need it.
This headphone and microphone set is designed to be compatible with computers and phone models with a 3.5 mm jack. In addition to communication devices, the headset is able to work with a wide range of other audio-based electronics. The cable is about 3 feet long and allows the headphones to function as soon as it is connected to a device.
This means you can connect directly to your MP3-player, phone, or even a gaming console or TV without interrupting your sound quality. Watching a movie or participating in online gaming without disturbing others is as simple as slipping the headphones over your ears. Select the media you want to enjoy, and the sound will be issued from this PUMA headset without delay. Designed to fit teens and adults, these earphones will deliver quality sound to your listening ears with a stylish design.


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