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  • Fitbit Aria2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale

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    Track weight and more in just one step

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    Track weight and more in just one step

    Get better results with smarter scales that automatically track weight, body fat, BMI and lean mass and show your trends over time.

    • Weight
    • Body Fat %
    • BMI and Lean Mass
    • Charts Trends Over Time



    The most accurate Wi-Fi smart scale*

    Aria 2 brings together weight, body fat, BMI and more, so you can get a holistic view of your health.



    See your body fat % right on the scales

    Compare your weight stats with your body composition trends to see whether you’re gaining muscle and burning fat – the key to sustainable change.


    Know your BMI

    BMI (Body Mass Index) is a measurement that uses height and weight to help determine if you are at a healthy weight for your age and gender.

    Aria 2 calculates it for you based on your weight and profile information and sends the data to the Fitbit app.


    Calculate your lean mass

    Lean mass is the weight of everything in your body accept the fat. Knowing this number helps you determine if you are losing fat and gaining muscle. Aria 2 sends these stats straight to the Fitbit app.

    To get more accurate stats, set your scales to the right mode – Regular or Lean.

    Regular Mode

    This mode applies to most people, whether you exercise frequently or don’t get much exercise at all.

    Lean Mode

    Choose this mode if you are a high-level athlete like a marathon runner or body builder.

    Set up in minutes with your smartphone

    Use your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection to set up your scales, then Aria 2 automatically syncs your stats over Wi-Fi.

    • Easy Set-up
    • Wireless Syncing
    • Network Compatibility


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