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    11 Beginner Core Exercises to try at home

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    Your core is one of the most pertinent muscle groups in your body and while working out, you should always give these muscles a little extra attention. You will need to focus on your back, abdomen and glutes in order to effectively train your core and improve your core stability. Having good, stable core muscles is of utmost importance for everyone. They help you improve your stamina, your balance, they make you more flexible and make it easier to live a fit lifestyle!

    Hence, that is why it is important to keep doing core exercises at home! Especially if you are a beginner, these following 11 core exercises are extremely important if you want to keep training your core!

    , 11 Beginner Core Exercises to try at home


    For starters, a great core exercise is Planking, which will do wonders for your back and abdomen.

    To do this exercise, you firstly need to lie face-down. Then, put your forearms on the floor. Your elbows need to be directly under your shoulders to get in the right position. When you are positioned correctly, you need to lift your body up by putting your weight on your forearms and toes. Make sure to keep your back and hips straight. Consequently, you should really feel pressure in your abdomen. Try to keep this position for about 1 minute.

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    , 11 Beginner Core Exercises to try at home

    Bicycle crunches

    Furthermore, Bicycle Crunches are another phenomenal way to train your core muscles.

    To start, you need to lie on your back and put your legs up in a 90-degrees angle. Keep your feet flat on the floor at all times! Then, move your shoulders away from the floor until you feel your abdominal muscles tightening. To do the bicycle crunches, you basically need to move your legs as if you were riding a bicycle. Therefore, move your left leg towards your chest, while you move your right leg away from your chest until it is fully straight. Then, repeat this action, but alternate between your legs. Repeat this 20 times.

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    , 11 Beginner Core Exercises to try at home

    Russian Twists

    Russian Twists work best if you have weights lying around, but it also works if you do not! They are mostly focused on your abdomen, but they are very helpful for your general core strength as well!

    Firstly, you need to sit on the floor with your feet placed on the ground. Make sure to keep your knees bent slightly. Your upper body should also be off the ground to feel the pressure on your abs. Then grab a weight or something similar with both hands. Keep your arms stretched in front of you and then alter your body from the left side to the right continuously. Do this exercise about 30 times in sets of 3.

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    , 11 Beginner Core Exercises to try at home

    Glute Bridge

    This exercise, the Glute Bridge mainly targets your glutes as the name suggests. It is relatively simple to do, so it is perfect for beginners!

    To start, lie down on your back. Make sure that your shoulders stay on the ground while you lift up your hips high enough until your body is in a straight line. Then, you need to tighten up your abdomen and glutes. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat this 3 times!

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    Dead Bug

    Moreover, the Dead Bug exercise is commonly referred to as the newest core exercise to keep in mind and with good reason! In some departments, it is even better than Planking!

    Just lie down on your back and keep your arms stretched above your shoulders. Then, lift your legs in 90 degrees., Make sure that your knees are positioned right above your hips. Keep your arms and legs stretched and tighten your muscles. To seal the deal, move your left arm together with your right leg towards the floor. Then repeat these movements with your right arm and left leg. You should repeat this action 8 times for each side per set and it is recommended to do 3 sets.

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    , 11 Beginner Core Exercises to try at home


    The Boat is an exercise that many yoga fanatics love, seeing as it really strengthens your core position by working on your back, abdomen, and pelvis.

    To do the exercise, you need to sit on the floor with your legs stretched. Then, put your hands on the floor, right behind your hips, while keeping your arms stretched. Then, let yourself hang back slightly, but keep your back straight. When you are in the right position, lift your feet off the ground until your thighs are at a 45-degree angle. From this position, you should stretch your legs completely and aim for putting your toes at eye level. Then, lift your arms up, parallel to the floor. Now, you should really feel your abs tighten. Keep this position for 20 seconds at first. After a while, you should work on getting to a full minute.

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    , 11 Beginner Core Exercises to try at home

    Single-leg Stretch

    This next exercise, the Single-leg Stretch, is very straightforward and easy, but that does not make it any less effective!

    Just lie on your back and lift your knees as if you were hugging them to your chest. Make sure that neither your head, nor your shoulders are touching the floor. Also make sure that your chin is touching your chest. Then, stretch out your left leg. While doing this, use your right hand to hold your right knee that is still bent and use your left hand to touch your right ankle. Then, repeat this action, but stretch your right leg instead of your left. Do about 15 reps with each leg.

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    The Bridge exercise is one of the best exercises for improving your core stability!

    To start, just lie with your back flat on the floor. Then, lift your pelvis and consequently, your body weight should rest on both your feet and shoulders. It is truly important to keep your feet planted on the floor and that your back stays straight. Hold this position for about 5 seconds and repeat this 20 times.

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    , 11 Beginner Core Exercises to try at home

    Side Crunch

    The Side Crunch is a necessity if you want to truly strengthen your core muscles.

    To do this exercise, start by lying down on your back and keep your feet planted to the floor. Then lift your right foot and put it on your left knee. Now, lift up your shoulders from the floor, which should make you feel some pressure on your muscles. Then use your left shoulder and rotate it towards your right knee. Then, repeat this exercise, but alter your legs. Repeat this action for both legs about 15 times.

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    , 11 Beginner Core Exercises to try at home

    Side Planking

    The Side Plank is a variation on the regular plank and makes for another great core workout.

    To do this, you need to lie on your side by supporting your body weight with your right underarm and the side of your right foot. Make sure that your elbow is positioned right underneath your shoulder. Then, lift your body up until your body forms a straight line. Hold this position for about 30 seconds and then do the same with the left side of your body!

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    Toe Taps

    Lastly, this exercise may seem really easy, but do not be fooled because Toe Taps truly can make your core burn!

    Again, lie flat on your back and place your hands right next to your glutes. Then, make sure that your knees are bent in a 90-degree angle up in the air, without letting your back come off the ground. When you are in the right position, let the tip of your right foot softly touch the ground and make sure that you tighten up your abdomen while you do this. Then, repeat with your left foot. Do this exercise about 25 times with each foot!

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    All in all, these above-mentioned core exercises should be able to keep you occupied and your core will be thankful! Additionally, you can visit Rack85.com.sg to get access to a full and varied range of fitness accessories, fitness gadgets, and attractive promotions to improve your core workout!

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